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Nous arrivons!

March 25, 2018

Wednesday 4:30 pm, the time when the office of the HarborMaster closes. Just as he's getting into his car, heading home for a well-deserved aperitif -- we arrive. Had we been a minute later, we would have been unable to pick up the keys to our boat. But he graciously reopened his office, gave us the keys, and saved us from spending the first night here in a hotel :)


Three days of unpacking and organizing, and we are pretty well settled in. As the saying goes: Life is better on a boat. And we fully agree, based on the considerable weight of three days of experience. And now, we're moving on to the boat's user manuals, since we have already mastered starboard and port -- perdon, tribord et babord! Next stage: Sorting out the difference between a generator, an alternator, and an inverter. All three "things" are located right below where I'm sitting, doing their magic, and First Mate Erik is not crystal clear on how or why. Possibly, at this point the boat may be more seaworthy than the owner(s) -- a situation that won't last long! 


Meanwhile, we are exploring the surroundings of our marina to make sure we know where to find good cheese and wine -- the essentials of life in France. Turns out, there are options aplenty in our neighborhood, including a bakery that provides the ultimate croissants and macaroons so fluffy they almost melt on sight. Apparently, portion control is going to be our main challenge over the next few months. The hardship!


PS. Since you asked: Our trip from the US to France was just fine, thanks to Air France. Ans a travel tip: Do not consider flying on Wow Air. Or booking your ticket through Never. Ever. Long story, but less than 24 hours before departure we decided to forfeit out tickets with Wow Air, after being subjected to a baggage policy unlike any other airline. 

Bourgogne Wine Cellar.


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