Erik Offerdal Photography | About

I am a lifelong and committed “travelologist”; I grew up in Norway, but have spent most of my adult life roaming the world: the Americas, Asia, and Europe --  both the Eastern and Western parts. And along the way, I’ve had the good fortune of being able to live for extended periods of time in such diverse locations as Frankfurt, Boston, the Washington DC area, Vietnam, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Portland, Oregon. All of them delightful -- in their own particular ways. And all the while pursuing one, or sometimes both, of my passions: economics and photography.

The economics part could perhaps be the subject of another website (don’t hold your breath!); this site is devoted to some of the imagery I have collected along my travels. Please enjoy and feel free to contact me with questions or comments, especially if you should be inclined to purchase a print or license an image.

Thankfully, with the enthusiastic blessing of Susan – the woman with whom I share most of my debts and all of my assets – I now divide my time between our floating summer home on the rivers and canals in Europe and our winter base in Florida.